Pots by Sav

I create decorative and functional ceramics using several techniques that explore the relationship between form and 3D patterns.  I like to make delicate wheel thrown pieces in various shapes which inform what the patterns will be and where they will be placed on each piece. I do not go into a piece knowing exactly how it will look, but instead treat each piece as an experiment in seeing how different patterns and their various placements will look.  I like creating pieces with more traditional silhouettes as well as more creative ones.

My patterns are mainly created with three techniques: carving, smudging clay spheres, and altering the base form with dimples or curves while the clay is still wet. I like to create symmetrical and geometric patterns, and see how the carved and applied 3D patterns interact both with the vessel’s form and with each other.

Most of my pieces are fired to cone 10 reduction.  The glaze surfaces and effects I can achieve in a reduction atmosphere add an organic nature to my otherwise symmetrical and geometric inspired patterns.